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All members must show up, help out where needed, and have fun each week with the clan.
NO cheating.
NO foul or abusive language.
NO hacking.
No racial or sexist comments.
All games servers web servers and voice communications will not allow cheating, cussing, squads killing, foul or racial language and nick names.
Always treat people fairly and act civil and friendly to people.
You can't be in any other clans, guilds, squadrons, etc. that plays a game played by the clan.
All members must be at least 12 years old, be mature and a fervent believer in good sportsmanship.
GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. and it's Sec's clan members must use only (1) game name for in games, forums, voice communications, etc, to prevent confusion.
When pubbing, unless it make the squads s unbalanced, always play on the same squads as your fellow clanmates or more importantly by squads whenever possible.
If someone has a question, post it on your clan message board, unless it is personal.
While in game or voice comm, don't talk when people are going over strategies, reading IP#s or passwords - it's rude, frustrating for the leaders and counter-productive.
Be polite on the clan voice communications channel by verbally saying "hello and good bye", etc.
Don't SPAM people on in game messages, personnel massages, email, or the message board.
Help other members of the clan.
Everyone, should expect to spend 10% of their "clan play time", helping the clan.
If you are going to be gone a long time (over 3 weeks), be polite, post a message about it on the clan message board.
If you don't show up or post any "I am still alive" messages with in 6 weeks, you will be taken off the Roster.
If a member is unable to play or perform his or her duties for 3 months, the member will become “inactive” or “retired”.
If a member quits, becomes inactive or retires, he may return as an active member of the clan, if approved of all Electives, GOA's Members. He may not return to any leadership or Electives, GOA's positions.
If someone is in another clan, they can NOT "hang out" on your clan's voice communications channels. They must QUIT their old clan first and post a message on THEIR old board about it for everyone to see.
All member of the Clan will wear the clan Tag In squads speak, Ssquads , Games or other online venues.
Each member of the clan will have 1 vote on issues brought to the clan for vote, each member may vote during a limit voting period.
Each Clan squads shall have it own organizational structure.
Changing or adopting new Clan Rules/Charter amendments, requires majority vote by the voting members of the clan and require the 2/3 Approval of all Electives, GOA's Members, and a for approval.
Issues may be brought to the Electives, GOA's attention through email or use of Private Messages (PM). At that time the Electives, GOA's will make a decision on the issue and put it to vote by the clan if deemed necessary.
The purpose of the Electives, GOA's is to oversee the daily operations of the clan, revise the charter, and to settle disputes among it members.
Any Electives, GOA's Members to let someone in the clan or to kick him or her out. If any member has any reservations about a recruit, PM the Executive Officer before the end of the probationary period.
Only Electives, GOA's Members can give out passwords and/or access to private areas.
Each squads Leader will be responsible for updating (or appointing someone to update) the main member's info to the Roster page.
Electives, GOA's Members shall moderate the clan's message boards, authorize members provide oversight of clan squads and approve any changes to the clan rules. The individual squads leaders may delegate the other "squads " duties to Members (delegate: updating the squads s sub-website, running squads practices, advertising the clan, writing strategies, running events, etc, etc).
Electives, GOA's Members MUST COMMUNICATE with one another every time they do something important, to prevent misunderstandings between Electives, GOA's Members.
Any new member to the Electives, GOA's must be denoted by a Electives, GOA's Member and approved by all members of the Council.
If a Electives, GOA's Member is failing to accomplish his or her duties, that Electives, GOA's Member maybe removed by all other Electives, GOA's Members voting for the removal of the member.


1. All members will respect all members in GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN.
2. All members are required to wear our clan tag in-game, teamSpeak, steam, origin and so on.
3. Any member not wearing our clan tag in game, will lose his right, title, and permissions in TeamSpeak. This number will be put on report and handed over to the gsa's for further investigation.
4. Wearing another clan members tag or name end game or to speak is forbidden. See rule 3 for entitlements.
5. Disrespecting a high-ranking member in the clan will not be tolerated. Playing around is ok. But going ballistic on a higher ranking clan member, will lead to being handed over to the gsa's for punishment.

6. Rank systems are earned in the clan and not bought.
7. Executive ranks are placed by other executives in the clan. However section 6.14 of old GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. rules states that claim can call for a vote to have an election to vote for elected positions only if 90% of the clan wants to vote.
8. General of the army or also known as GOA are given to members that have proven themselves to the clan and their loyalty to the clan. These are the highest ranks in the Klan besides of elective positions. These positions bring great honor to the clan. No GOA can be removed from his position once giving a GOA position. The only way I go a can be removed from his rank is it all gos vote unanimous to remove that person from a GOA position.
9. Executive order 9. Executive order 9 is to be used by the owner of the clan or the president the clan who may be the owner to invoke martial law on regaining control the clan if the clan would get out of hand or members or directing the clan in a different direction that I should be going. GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. martial law will suppress all laws rules and policies of the clan in a temporary holding pattern until the clan can be arranged and brought back to order.
10 executive order 10. Executive order 10 is to be only used one of electives have gotten out of hand or strayed off path. Executive order 10 as the right to remove any president vice president, eOP, sod, or any elective position that may be a threat to the clan.
11. Executive order 11. Executive order 11 can overturn any vote, ruling, remember that was placed in a position or rank at any time deemed necessary. Executive order 11 could only be invoked by the owners of the clan.
12. Route 12 set into position to protect members of the clan. If any member are the Klan is having an issue with a higher ranking member of GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. or its divisions or sections, or special forces units. That member May sidestep the military police, gsa's and electives and go straight to the top to get results. No member will be penalized or rank taken away for taking this action.
13. All GOA's and electives in the clan are required to do one of two things every month. 1 is recruiting for the clan at least one member or donating to help support the clan it's servers it's TeamSpeak it's web hosting.
15. Banning offenses. Any type of porn posted anywhere. Will require your termination as a clan member in GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. , area 51, NATO headquarters, united Nation, in any of our other divisions sections or special units.

16. Division sections and special units in GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. only answer to the President and Vice President of the clan. Each section division special units will be controlled by its own president vice president and staff or GOA's. That division section or special units may elect or rank their own GSA's global Security Agency to enforce the rules of the clan for that division section or special unit. Are recruiting, approval of new members or ranks or promotions will be given by that division sections and or special units. These ranks are as equal to any rank in GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. . GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. is our main Clan, and all of our divisions, sections, special units are part of GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. and are treated with the utmost respect. All divisions, sections,special units will be governed and controlled by its own leaders that were appointed by GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. or its owners to control that division, sections, or special units in that Clan under their own guidelines. Any rules from that division, directions, special units will adhere to all GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. rules of the clan in a whole.
17. Disrespecting any division, sections, or special units in the clan will not be tolerated. see rule 3
18. Any GOA position in any division, sections, or special units, are the same as a GOA in GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. . These ranks are equal and are not separate.
19. Ranking system. Ranking system as follows. General of the armies can be Unlimited. This rule is binding to the clan and was set forth at the beginning of the clan and cannot be changed. The Clans army as it grows and expands needs leadership. The COA rank was invented off the general of the army star which has five points. This rank was invented in the late nineties and also cannot be changed. The only difference is there are only five COA position GWYD, AR51, HSB, UN. or any of its divisions, sections, special units at one time. However there are many COA positions that can be given to different military sections of our clan in different countries or special units such as special forces, black Ops, covert Ops, the Royal Marines, u.s. Marines, uS Army, portuguese Army, canadian Army and so on. These rights are given buy electives or GOA's the clan, divisions, sections, special units.
20. TeamSpeak permission admin it's given only to members of high rank loyalty to the clan and who have proven themselves to the clan to be responsible and trustworthy enough to have these permissions. Promotions will be include server admin to hand out ranks, and adjust ranks and add special privileges or icons to members and the clan.